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You Are The Sacred Medicine You Seek

So much of our modern day world is geared towards feeling different or changing what we believe to be wrong with us. We surf online, we distract ourselves with social media and we lose ourselves in the constant search for likes and attention.

This search is truly a search for meaning. We are seeking meaning in a world where meaning has lost its... meaning. And so often we look outside for inner validation, inner belonging. As we journey within we begin to see the fallacy of the emptiness we want so badly to fill.

As we venture inwards we slowly begin to find ourselves. We begin to dissolve the deeply rooted trauma that is making is difficult for us to stay present with what is. At first this seems like such a large task, to find meaning in a meaningless world but as we turn to the ancient teachings of healing and inner belonging we transcend the futility of the outside world and we begin to find our original connection to the world.

When we connect deeply within we also gain a sense of trust and a sense of belonging and we see through the vail of separation. This separation began to form inside of us early in our lives, when we first experienced pain, when we first begin to feel the hostility in our circumstances. Then we spend years pretending that we are someone we are not. We spend so much of our energy to fit in and create a false sense of self that we slowly lose our inner connection. This is where the real healing begins to blossom.

Going within, finding our inner space of wholeness and completeness, becomes our new goal, this is where our own Sacred Medicine lives. And as this journey continues we begin to gain a new perspective of our suffering. This new perspective offers a deeper experience, one where we don't find blame of others to soothe us, but to look squarely at our programming and where it causes us to feel separation.

Getting clarity on our own inner space, of our programming, is where the medicine works its magic. In this inner space we find that which has been lacking for all those years. We find Ourselves.

And as we are able to show up in the world with more authenticity, more vulnerability and a strong sense of life force energy in our system, we become the Sacred Medicine of the World.

Because, you see, the World needs authentic people, humans who live from their inner sense of integrity and power. When you enter the outer world from your inner space, you come as a peace keeper, as a Lover of All, and you spread compassion, tolerance, patience and Love wherever you go.

This is the Medicine.

Much Love, Aho,



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