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Soul Healing of Human Kind

In my YouTube series "Breaking Free From The Matrix" I go through different methods humanity can use to step out of the system of energetic/mental slavery we are in. In Episode #5 I discuss the Soul Healing of Human Kind and I thought it would be helpful to expand on the topic in this blogpost.

Here's a link to the YouTube video:

When we look at human kind and our experience on this planet it is quite easy to recognize the level of soul loss we are going through. Following that train of thought it is also easy to see that we need healing of the Collective Consciousness. This healing can only happen once we begin to come back into our own inner sense of Love, our innate Life Force Energy. As we come back Home into ourselves we recalibrate and realign our inner energy with a healthy flow throughout our system. This also helps us to listen more attentively to any messages coming to us from our body. We become more Aware of what is truly present within.

As we raise our vibration through our inner healing we affect the Field as a whole. Just like when a part of a lake is heated up we can easily see that the whole lake is changed, so do we impact the totality of the Field.

And when we heal ourselves, recognizing that Love is the answer to our inner healing, our own darkness, we also learn that Love is the answer to the problems of our world. It is easy to see that suffering can be alleviated by the energy of Love.

If you ask yourself: What are action words related to Love? What is Love expressed in action? You soon realize that Love can be translated into; tolerance, patience, understanding, compassion and generosity of Spirit.

Use these five pillars as guiding posts for yourself. Look at how you can grow in understanding, compassion, patience, tolerance and generosity of Spirit in your daily life. See where you can implement these words into your daily habits. These habits become how you see the world, and how you see the world builds your life. And as you heal and implement these pillars into your life, you become an integral part of healing the world too.

Another part of our healing journey as a species is the concept of Honesty and Honor. Honor sounds so harsh, macho and maybe forceful, but what if you see it for what it means? To honor yourself means to value yourself, your intuition and your feelings. It means to not commit violence towards yourself. It means to be true to yourself and your word. As you develop a stronger sense of Self through meditation and inner observation you also gain the power to Honor yourself. This helps us to feel and be integrated with our inner-higher Self. The word integrated stems from integral, which means One. So to be integral, or integrated, means to be One with yourself. This can only happen as you begin to Honor your inner Self.

And in extension, Honesty is a result of showing yourself Honor. So as we grow in our inner strength it becomes a lot easier to be Honest, especially when we realize that to be honest with ourselves also means to be honest with another person. It means that we honor ourselves as well as them and their highest Self.

As we walk in honor and honesty it suddenly is easy to see that a large majority of our world is not honest. Almost everything in our society is tainted by different forms of dishonesty. Just look at advertising, commercials, politics, business, the stock market, lending, insurance, etc.

Most of us have completely bought the concept of the Matrix that we don't have to be honest in business. That if it's business we do better if we just make a sale, that the only thing that matters is if we sell whatever our product is. In reality, we have all accepted a system built on a fake premise, a facade of lies that contains very small amounts of truth.

And in order to heal human kind on a soul level we have to face this level of dishonesty and call it for what it is. Because this is the only way we will actually change and raise our vibration. We won't do it by just sitting in the light, we also have to see and recognize the Shadow and own it. Both individually and collectively.

So come back Home to Yourself, go within and become Integral with Yourself. From this inner base of Love you will shine a light on the Shadow so we can help humanity as a whole to integrate and grow.

Much Love,




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