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The Full Story


I am Marcus. A modern day Shaman who walks in conjunction with my guides and my power animals to the best of my ability. I have lived many lives in this one life and the result has become who I am today. The many traumatic events and experiences of all kinds of nature, has taught me who I am deep within.

I am taught by the mighty Ombute Devi, a Shaman woman who you can learn more about here:

I do energy work for clients, I provide journeys of different kinds of sacred medicine and I assist with spiritual growth. 



My mission is to help you find your way back into you, past traumas, past old hurt, releasing ancient chords and curses and free you up to become

who you were meant to be. 


My vision is a healthier world. A world in which we are aware of everything and everyone's connection. That we are all part of a great whole.

That we are part of Earth Mother.

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