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Weekly Activations and Meditations

Join our Sacred Space

Join me on YouTube every 

Monday at 7 pm PST for a transmission from the Unseen and to connect and strengthen our platform of Light Workers and Rainbow Warriors.

We hold the torch high so we find each other. 

Click here for a link.


Weekly Beach Meditation

Every Sunday we meet at Topanga Beach  

at 10am for an in-person live activation on the beach.

At 9am Ram Kirin teaches Kundalini Yoga until we start the Shamanic Healing Circle. Each event is 20 dollars.

This very healing and meditative meet-up is a beautiful way to reconnect with Mother Ocean and Earth Mother. 

We enjoy the beach and possibly also a dip in the ocean.

Click here for tickets.


Tuesday Shamanic Meditation

Tuesdays we meet at my house at 7.00pm, starting at 7.30, for a weekly shamanic meditation with different healing goals, ending at 9pm.

Suggested Donation 10 dollars.

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