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The Importance of Continuity on the Spiritual Path

Our modern world is full of hacks, quick fixes and pills to make a problem, an illness or a feeling, go away. We are accustomed to somebody or something fixing a problem without our own involvement. So it is not particularly strange to see that most of us are expecting a doctor or a pill to fix how we feel.

Except, that will never be the complete solution for a life problem. When we analyze and look at what a depression, an emotional crisis or a spiritual bottom looks like it is quite helpful to see that we are a big part of our problems, even when it looks like it's all someone else's fault. It is imperative for the spiritual journey to see our own part, to recognize that even if the other part has done some things wrong, the real solution comes in seeing our own part. This is not to excuse anybody else's poor behavior, but to bring a feeling of healing back to ourselves.

When we realize that we have a part to play in our own lives, that we can do something to change our situation, our outlook or our inner state, we take back our power into our own hands and this brings a sense of hope and possibility.

And in extension, being on a spiritual path, no matter how far down the trail you are, getting accustomed to the idea that our spiritual wellbeing is only as fresh or healthy as our practice, helps us to see that a daily execution of meditation and other spiritual habits is of utmost importance.

See, meditation is practicing being present in the moment and since every moment of every day is a new experience we need to stay vigilante and consecutive if we are to gain any positive changes from the practice. And just like a rubber band snapping back in place, so does our ego when we don't stay mindful. Our ego and our thought processes are what gets us in trouble in the first place. Healing and meditation help us to get a fresh perspective on our lives and ourselves. The ego mind resists change, doesn't want to face the ever-changing nature of reality. It would much more prefer to stay in the same box as before. Even if that box is uncomfortable and painful it is still familiar territory. And the ego mind thrives inside the box of predictability. But so often the mind doesn't really like meditation since it is not feeling completely in control when we sit in stillness. The mind is so used to being in charge, so used to being active with certain loops that facing its own stillness and quietude seems like death for the Ego, which of course it is.

And when we are not on track, when we haven't made meditation, or "sitting" a daily habit, we still run on old programs. These are the only programs we know, the only way of life that we are familiar with. So that's what we fall back into. And suddenly we'll be getting back into our old ways, feeling the way we used to before we came into our spiritual path. Some of us will think: I have tried meditation and it didn't work, maybe I need medication after all.

But what we fail to see is that we fell off the path to a higher awareness. We went back to a lower vibratory state and now we're wondering why we're not feeling good anymore.

This is much like going to the gym for six months straight, feeling great, looking great but then quitting for a few months or more and wondering why we're feeling pudgy or weak.

So today's reminder is that of stick-to-itiveness, continuity and grit. Sometimes we have to re-commit to our spiritual path, sometimes we have to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions and not be afraid of the answers in order to return to our course.

Reach out if you feel like you need support, or check out my YouTube channel for hundreds of videos that are all aimed at helping and supporting your internal growth process.

Much Love,




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