The Four Elements
Now available on Amazon

The Four Elements - We Are Earth Mother

by Marcus Nobreus

This brand new book is now available on Amazon in both ebook format and paperback. The Four Elements helps you to reconnect to Earth Mother and yourself. In our modern world our lives are lived completely out of touch with nature and few moments we do spend in nature is often full of distractions and goals.

The Four Elements tells how we are connected, how you physically and spiritually actually are Earth Mother. Much like the cells on your body are connected through your organism so are we connected through our planet and the energy field surrounding it. We are intrinsically connected to our Earth Mother and each other. 


Shaman Marcus in Voyage LA

Here's Shaman Marcus in Voyage LA in a vulnerable, open and sharing article about our spiritual journey and how we heal from trauma. 


Join me as I guest speak on 

The Anjy Shamo Show on the topic of Shamanism. Check it out. 


Fit For Joy -
A beautiful podcast

For a very deep and real conversation about spiritual matters, check out 

Valeria Koopman's beautiful podcast,

Fit For Joy.

Here is a link to the episode:

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Marcus in ShoutOut LA

An in-depth and personal interview in the magazine ShoutOut LA. 

Marcus Nobreus, shaman and reiki practitioner in Shoutout LA

Marcus in the podcast:
A Pursuit to Happiness

Me and Shatonia Amee talk about everything from filmmaking, depression and the spiritual journey.

Check it out, it's a great episode.