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Who Are You Without Your Story?

Our minds are often on repeat. We live our lives with the same or similar stories running like programs in our minds. These patterns keep us in suffering or in repeating the same experience over and over. One way to interrupt the stream of thoughts in our minds is to go deeply into the present moment.

Taking a deep breath into the body, filling your lungs to the fullest and gently release the breath, focusing on feeling the air stream in your system, can truly help you to become present in the moment. To make this a more expansive experience you work on releasing the story of yourself and your life.

We have so many factors that we identify with, so many events, traumas, opinions, locations, groups, political ideas that we have adapted, so we have confused who we think we are with who we actually are.

While we think of ourselves as republicans, democrats, Americans, Swedes, Mexicans, Africans, tall, short, round, slim, dark haired, blond haired, blue eyed, brown eyed, etc, we are suffering from a case of mistaken identity. We have mistaken our outer circumstances for our inner reality. Our outer circumstance may be anything and we often identify ourselves with them, just like we may feel more special if we drive a certain car versus another certain car.

But when we really want to become free from suffering we need to go deeper. We need to enter our inner queen- or kingdom and realize that who we really are is what is left when we let go of our story.

When you are able to release from your past, from who you think you are, and truly step into the present moment, you become presence itself and your inner vibration shifts into a deeper sense of Love, patience, tolerance, understanding, and power.

This deeper vibration helps your healing journey, assists your cells to regenerate and to recharge, and helps you to connect with others in a loving, authentic way.

So do yourself a favor, sit in meditation, work with what is left of You after you release your story and become the Experience of You.


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