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Where did the Magic go?

Humans have lived on our beloved planet for hundreds of thousands of years. For most of this time we seem to have lived in a magical world where we recognized the importance of connection to other realms. We have had shamans in all of our ancient traditions. Every little village, every town and even cities, had their shamans, known by different names in different regions, to interpret the signs of the universe.

From these traditions of deep seeing grew religions. As humans gathered in larger and larger groups they also wanted more uniformity in belief systems. So religions grew from different shamanic traditions. If you study the different shamanic methods across the globe you will find an immense amount of similarities with the religions of our world. They use very similar tools, create sacred space and hold ceremonies. The shaman interprets the signs of the Unseen by looking into the realm of other dimensions and they relay the messages they pick up. They also work with a persons energy system to create a process of healing and of emotional or physical stability and a sense of belonging.

This is the exact role of a priest, preacher, monk, nun, teacher, guru, or other forms of exalted being or position. It is easy to see that our modern form of religion is a continuation of ancient shamanic rituals and traditions.

At this point, we still believed in magic. We believed that there were a plethora of beings in the woods, in the ocean and in the sky that we needed to commune with and appease in different ways. In the Norse traditions we had, and often still have, Vaettar, a form of gnomes living in the woods and in the fields. Every farm had a Vaette, and they came in different shapes and forms, but almost always wearing a gray or red had and a gray wool sweater. They looked out for the animals and for the luck of the farm, but only if the farm people kept the Vetted happy.

In modern day we call this superstition. We call it make-belief, since we know better now. We know that everything is made up of swirling atoms and molecules and cells and so forth. We believe that since the 1600-s we have mapped out our entire world and that we now know every single detail of everything. So there is no need to believe in magic any longer.

Well, that's an understatement. If you believe in magic you are an imbecile, an denier of facts and less intelligent than the established truths that we now live with. As the scientists discovered what they call natural laws, they discovered more and more how our world was made up, believing that everything can be proved and mapped out, as well as the notion that math is the underlying principle of everything in existence. Many now believe that math almost is life.

What does that do for our inner belief system? What does that do to how we approach and look at the world?

In many ways it makes us bystanders, letting us know that there is nothing we can do to actually affect or change the world around us, aside from practically tearing something down or building something up. But we have no say in our own inner workings, if we carry a certain gene in our DNA we are screwed. If we carry the DNA for alcoholism or a certain disease, we will develop this and we can't do anything about it.

And on the larger scale, on a more worldly scale, we now think that there is nothing we can do to change the way our world works, that atoms, natural laws and effects thereof, guide everything in our world. So we humans are powerless to truly create change.

This is not how the people of old felt about their world. They would go to a shaman and ask for advice, ask for prayers, ask for a way to secure their wellbeing or the coming harvest or hunting animals. The shaman, knowing that she or he, could affect the outcomes of events by accessing the world of the Unseen, would enter a trance state, a shamanic state of consciousness, and with their intention and by other means, work with the spirits and energies of the world to aid the person in their request.

So, just to be a bit clear here. My belief is that when we started to map out every single detail of how we believe the world works, we created a way of looking at the world where we don't need magic anymore. We created a very black and white universal approach in which the only thing that mattered is how the atoms spun and how the natural laws would dictate a behavior. We basically killed God and any references to the spiritual world or need thereof. By doing this we have created a world where we can do what we are doing now, we are killing our home planet, our Earth Mother. And unfortunately, science has allowed this to happen due to the idea that Earth is not a living organism, it is here for our taking. And since human greed is based in fear it knows no bounds.

We have killed off the magic in our world in order to be more efficient, to feel more safe, but the price is the wellbeing of both ourselves and our whole planet with all its inhabitants.

And now scientist who study the quantum field have began to believe that they can come up with a formula that will describe consciousness. They believe that the field of the quantum is the origin of everything in our world, and that we can affect it with our intention and with our own connection to it. The quantum field can be described as a big ocean of energy and everything in existence is in this ocean. The world visible to us is only a small part of this field. Our five basic senses are only aware of a fraction of all the energy and frequencies of light that exists.

So when science has gone deeper it now starts to resemble a very similar belief system which many shamanic traditions and even religions have discussed for millennia.

My hope and belief is that we as a species will learn to surpass our own ego, our fear based desires, and enter into an era of awareness of the quantum field, the World of the Unseen. And as we live in conscious connection with this deeper realm of existence, we also learn the importance of self-love, love for others, compassion, tolerance and patience. Your intentions absolutely affect the quantum field and as you sharpen your ability to sit immersed in this deep space you also learn how to become a co-creator of our world.

This way we bring magic back into our world, but this time, the magic is backed by open minded quantum mechanic scientists.


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