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When The Proverbial Spiritual Crap Activates Your Trauma, What To Do?

What to do when it gets difficult? Where do you turn when everything gets shaky around you and your trauma gets activated?

First we want to recognize that the voice of the trauma is just that, it's a voice inside of you that echoes from your childhood, from different types of painful or difficult experiences. And it can be from anything, it can be how you interpret a situation and what it means about you. So sometimes we need to sit with the experience and truly discern if it was meant with ill intent or if we saw it that way. And regardless, we want to learn to digest the trauma, let it shake out through our system, let the stress, sadness, negativity or fear have room to release and begin to move.

To quote a popular tv-show... This is the Way :)

And when the storm hits you, when everything seems to shake around you and fear creeps in, remember to sit with it, remember to feel into your system and to recognize where it stems from. Often we get a chance to grow from difficult times in ways that we never could have grown without them.

So the centering of the mind and the body comes when we sit in meditation. We go within and we face the difficulties head-on. See what you can do to actually feel into it, and if needed, communicate with the person, or just breathe into your trauma and experience the big relief that follows.

This is also when it becomes important to pay attention to how you "feed" yourself. What kind of music do you listen to, what kind of shows are you watching, are you on the news all the time? All of these impact us much more than we think. They feed certain energy patterns and thought patterns which are part of our programming.

If you can sit in Gratitude instead of your fear you will get a chance to see through your own mind and what it's telling you. This is not to avoid or bypass anything, this is to give you the strength and safety so you can sit with the trauma.

It is a beautiful journey but we have to take the steps inwards.

Much Love, Aho,



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