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Valentine's Day For My Love

Catchy title, right?

For such a long time I was always looking for love, actually, capital L-ove, to fulfill me. I was convinced that if only She (again, capital S) was to love me, I'd be able to find happiness and live a complete life. Over the years, with quite a few painful experiences in my past, I have come to learn the fallacy of this common belief.

So many of us are convinced that if we only find Him or Her we will be able to live fully. Until then we live on reserves, not fully alive, not fully present. We are in a holding pattern, waiting for Love to show up.

And as my inner journey progressed I began to see that my own broken heart was the result of some fairly serious childhood trauma and a deep seated abandonment wound. This wound lead me to believe that if only someone could love me I would be okay, somehow this would prove to the world that I was lovable and not as much of a hopeless case as I felt deep down.

Coming from the space of seeking to fill a void, seeking to find Love to validate myself, stems from a need. This in turn creates a lot of neediness in my system, which invariably will push anyone away.

The deeper truth for me became that I needed to find my own Self Love, unconditional, inner strength, inner power, in order to feel complete and fulfilled. As my healing journey has deepened I have been given the tools how to sit with this deep inner Love and over time it has filled me up from the inside, creating a solid anchoring into the root- and sacral chakra.

So my loves, if you find yourself looking desperately or even not so desperately for love, find it first within yourself, feel it, embody it and become It.

This is how we Become Love, how we enter into a symbiotic relationship with the Universe itself and we can become clear channels of that ever-flowing expression of Life Force Energy. Come Home. To You.

Happy Valentine's Day to Your Self Love!


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