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The Soul Loss of Humanity

We are under an increasing amount of pressure, both mentally, emotionally and energetically. The amount of information coming at us carrying heavy, negative and fear based narratives is immense and has only been intensifying during the last six or seven years. From the years of turmoil during the former president to the lockdowns in the pandemic and to the war that followed the week after the pandemic was declared to be over. The implementation of the 5G network impacts us on an energetic level, adding to the stress levels we already experience.

All of this information is triggering us, keeping us in a constant state of fear and fight or flight mode. So if you feel heavier than before, if you feel more stressed or sad, or even depressed, be assured, you are not alone.

These are indeed very challenging times for us all.

How can we look at this from a spiritually centered space?

Throughout the ages human kind has experienced soul loss. First let me explain the term soul loss.

Soul loss is when we experience something so traumatizing that we go right into fear mode. As an individual almost all of us have experienced soul loss to different degrees. Some of us have had tr

aumas so deep that our brains have chosen to forget, and other traumatizing experiences can be remembered, almost always with the immediate feeling of dread somewhere in our body. In modern psychology they call it dissociation and in shamanic terms we refer to it as soul loss. This is when a part of your consciousness, your energy, didn't know how to make sense of the trauma and this part of you soul was cut off from the rest of your life experience. That part of the soul is then left hidden somewhere deep in your subconscious. In order to not relive these feelings we develop triggers to protect ourselves. The origin of the triggers are so deeply buried that we often don't know why we react strongly to certain things, we just observe the reaction. Deep shamanic healing helps us to regain the parts of ourselves that were left behind and return these parts to our Heart, to our conscious mind in order for us to become whole again. This way we become complete.

That is how the individual soul loss operates, what about the collective sense of soul loss?

On a collective level humanity has experienced soul loss since time immemorial. We have had enemies, plagues, wars, animal attacks, family dysfunction, dark entity attachments and spiritual warfare as long as we have been humans. There has always been something to fear. And sometimes these fears go so deep so even just mentioning them will give you the shivers.

Collective soul loss can be a memory of something impactful, such as when the Twin Towers were taken down in 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. For anyone living in America these events bring out hurtful memories, fear and panic. But if we look at the events in other countries that followed, such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the invasion of Iraq, or countless other wars, they have created soul loss in these countries. So we as a species carry a heavy burden of soul loss in our collective consciousness.

And during the last few years it has become very clear that some very subversive forces are working hard at keeping our triggers active. We have gone through some very dark times and there may not be an end to it any time soon. All of this is increasing the amount of trauma induced soul loss on our population. And we live in constant states of fear and negativity.

So what can you do to get through these times?

The first thing you can do is to meditate. To begin to sit in stillness, in silence in order to connect deeply within, into your own inner peace is the first step towards rooting and grounding yourself.

You see, one of the major things that soul loss produces is a sense of being uprooted, ungrounded or cut off from our stability. And one way to grow this stability is to meditate and in your meditation envision roots growing into Earth Mother. We gain strength this way, we begin to heal our severed root chakra and sacral chakra.

And the second thing you could do is begin to journey during your meditation, go into your own psyche, sit with the pain and the insecurity, envision it as a small version of yourself and hold it in light, hold it in safety and walk it back into your heart.

But most importantly, get on your spiritual healing journey. We can only help others heal as deeply as we have healed ourselves and as you heal so will your surroundings. And when enough humans have healed their soul loss we will also gain strength and power to heal the collective. So let's get going, it is never too late or too early. The one thing we can be sure of is that it will only get worse left unattended, much like an infested wound.

I recommend to look up a healer, either a shaman such as myself or others, or look for reiki healing, somatic healing practices, breath work or sound healing. One practice that combines some of these is Kundalini Yoga so that is also something to look for.

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Much Love, Aho.


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