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Stepping into A Broader Mindset

So, my loves, what do we do when difficulties arise? When the emotional storms come, when the drama of Life hits us like a wave?

When practicing mindfulness and a deep spiritual awareness we have learned that our traumas don't have to dictate our lives, we have learned that a wave of emotion is often just that, a wave.

Looking at Mother Ocean we have much to learn. We observe the storm on the surface of the ocean, the friction of the winds create waves, waves that come breaking onto the shore.

At first it may look like the waves are going to strike you down, force you to lose your footing and fall. And if you stay on the surface of the ocean you will experience a lot of ups and downs, completely being tossed around.

On the other hand, when you dive down beneath the surface you don't have to go very deep to find that the ocean is still down here. Only 10 feet down or so, the ocean is calm and stabile.

The same phenomenon can be observed with our emotions. A wave of emotion hits us, we get reactive, either with anger, negativity, sadness, hurt or other expressions. We often react to a situation that has hit us like a wave and we forget that this wave will pass, that the emotional upheaval we feel will change, sometimes within five minutes, sometimes after 5 hours or the next day.

If you can anchor yourself deeply into Earth Mother through growing roots in your root chakra and also sit with your inner stillness, which could be translated as your inner feeling of aliveness or your life force energy, you will ride out the waves on the surface by diving deeply into yourself.

This is one of the most important aspects of meditation and having a spiritual practice.

We get to step into a Broader Mindset.

Upon doing this we learn that the emotions we experience are only temporary, the situations we think are so overwhelming, will change and that we once more will experience the Sunlight of the Spirit.

This gets a lot easier as we keep practicing and gain more and more insights into our own life and our life-journey.

So, to recap, we learn to connect deep inside of ourselves, both to our inner stillness and to grow roots into Earth Mother. The experience of the inner stillness and the anchoring effect of roots brings about a different sense of calm in yourself and your life. This is a new perspective where we realize that emotions are like waves, that they come and go, sometimes of an angry kind, other times emotions of joy. And we learn to see beyond the temporary situation in front of us, knowing that in the long run, we will stand stronger and taller as we learn to come back Home in our spiritual and physical body. This brings Peace to your life.

Much Love, Aho, Marcus


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