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Stay in High Frequency

How do we do to stay in a higher state of feeling strong and supported? How do we access the inner power that keeps us in good stead and in great spirits?

It starts like always with meditation. We begin to practice mindfulness in our daily lives, which becomes a way to build a platform for a healthier way of living. When you start to meditate it can be quite difficult to find the meaning of the practice of sitting and to develop a habit.

But all it takes is that you begin.

I suggest you start with guided meditations, go to YouTube, find a meditation guide that suits your taste. Here are some suggestions to the hundreds of meditations I have put out, see if these can help you.

And here are some other suggestions for going deeper. We find healers that can help support our journey. Just like in any other area of life, be it a car mechanic, a doctor, a shrink or a physical therapist, they are aligned with the field they are in. Often they have knowledge and encouragement for you, suggestions to follow that makes it easier to fix whatever the ailment may be. This is where shamans also come in handy.

If you feel a bit lost on your path, like there is something missing, or if you have questions regarding life decisions, a shaman is a good place to go. We sit with your deeper energy field, we listen carefully to what your life path may be and we are often able to aid and assist you in getting on that path.

So, first, begin your meditation journey, secondly, find support for that journey. Thirdly, begin to develop a relationship with Yourself, with your feelings, with Your Heart.

The way Home is through the Heart. Your heart, being a collection of cells that have entrained with each other, creates it's own intelligence, way beyond that of the mind. The Heart is in touch with the energetic flows in your life, Your Heart tells you, just like your gut, when something is right or wrong for you. So come back Home, Home to Your Heart and find a peaceful resting place within.

As long as we are caught up in the energy and frequency of the Mind, we are often lost and anxiety can easily build inside of us. But when we anchor into Heart we find a stabile platform upon which to build a well-adjusted, balanced way of Life. And from that platform we build a new life, a life in accordance to your original blueprint, the real reason why you are here.

Reach out any time if you want support or a bouncing board. My mission is to support your healing journey so we together raise the frequency on our home, Pachamama.

In Love, Aho,



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