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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

The year moves into Spring, we may have forgotten, but we are still very much part of Nature, of Earth Mother. As she inhales a big, deep breath after the pause of Winter, she brings in new oxygen, new freshness, to all of our Sacred Creation. Humans feel this too, we feel life returning to our bodies, we feel activated energetically and we are ready to grow new life, be it a new human or planting in the garden or starting something else new. Spring is a beautiful time to plant and sow new life and intentions.

This is also the time when we can release the different trauma, dramas and events or people from last year. We all have energetic ties to the past, to people, places and things. These energetic chords keeps the past returning to revisit us constantly. Often we ask ourselves, why is this happening to me again? I am on a spiritual journey, I meditate, why would this happen to me now?

Simply because the journey always continues to deepen. There are almost always unconscious patterns in our lives that we have yet to discover and become aware of. As we go deeper within more is also revealed. And the patterns happen in our lives in order for us to bring healing and consciousness to them and bring about change to our lives. We slowly change our vibration and begin to raise out of the muck or mud we have lived in.

This is why a spiritual energetic house cleaning is a great idea right now. It will help you release last year and move forward with power in this new year. Come in and see me for a spring cleaning, send me an email and we set up a session.

Much Love, Aho, Marcus


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