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Sitting With The Full Moon, Aka GrandMother Moon

The strong energy of Grandmother Moon assist us in our journey into a higher level of consciousness. You may doubt this, you may doubt the effect of the moon on us but if you look at the energetic power of the moon, as simple as how the gravitational pull of the moon affects all water on our planet it is easy to see that there is a strong and powerful pull. This pull affects all water on our planet and we humans consists of about seventy to eighty percent water. Each cell in our body contains different amounts of water molecules as well as oxygen. If the moon has an effect on all water, would that not also include us?

And then we look at the world of the Unseen, the magnetic field that surrounds our planet, which we are an inseparable part of, it also becomes clear that our magnetic field feels these changes. In short, we are strongly influenced by it.

With this in mind we dive into our awareness. Grandmother Moon supports us in many ways but especially in the deeper field of our consciousness. We have experienced a great deal of trials and tribulations during the week leading up to the culmination of this moon cycle. And there is a reason for these trying times. It gives us a chance to see deeper within. As you gain more strength in your inner power you also gain access to insights and new depths of your journey.

This is how we can sit with this new information. We can look at the insecurities, the shaking of our foundation, and look at how it expresses itself in each one of us. In short, we get a chance to look through the veil of our Ego, our mind's programming and sit with the healing powers that surface underneath the trauma based programs that so often run our lives.

So sit with your insecurities, your long felt despair or inner darkness, and from the point of view as the observer, feel and see into your program. This will lead you to a sense of what still needs attention within. And as you sit with that it begins to move, it begins to heal as you breathe spaciousness into your body and your energy field. When you discover the trauma that lead to the innate reactions you are getting much closer to your final healing place.

Because, you see, underneath the trauma lives your integral innocence, your original sense of Self, and as we sit with the reactions created by different forms of trauma, we also allow this innate sense of power and Love to heal the blockages in our system.

This is the most beautiful part of our healing journey, this is where the rubber hits the road and we get to experience true wholeness and healing. So don't despair if things have seemed hard, they only appear this way in order to guide you into what still needs attention and healing. We go deeper and deeper on our journey.

In Much Love,



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