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Releasing Trauma and Negative Thought Patterns

Most of us have different forms of negative thought patterns running as programs in our minds. These are the thoughts you feel like you have to push away, or the inner judgment of yourself and also of others. Unchecked these programs can completely cripple us, leave us without power or fuel to get through Life the way we see others go through it.

Fear is a major component and the underlying reason for the discomfort we feel. This is fear in a myriad of forms, from financial insecurity, emotional insecurities, not feeling good enough, not fitting in, not being a part of, feeling like there is something deeply wrong with us.

As these fears fuel the thought patterns in our minds we go into loops. These loops often create a reaction in our physical body. We feel anxious in our body, we feel powerless and maybe like there is a hole in our gut. You could potentially also experience shortness of breath, a tightness across your chest or nervousness in your mid-section.

This process becomes what's known as self-fulfilling prophecies and will lead to anxiety attacks if left unhealed.

If you feel like you can relate to these experiences then this post is for you. By now you probably have recognized that there are things in your life you need to examine, take a closer look at and possibly heal.

When we dive into the root of these different forms of discomfort and dissonance we learn that most of them are caused by experiences we've had early in life. Most of our identity and self-image are created before our teenage years. So when you get negative feedback from a parent, or if you have traumatizing events happening to you, be they physical or psychological, they create tension in your body, stored in our nervous system and different parts of our body. When you think of certain uncomfortable memories you may be able to detect where in your system the tension is stuck. This is what we could refer to as energy blockages.

Wherever there is an blockage in the flow of energy we experience dissonance. It may be helpful if you think of your body as being a vessel of energy. This energy needs to flow in order to sustain health. When there is a blockages, think of it as a constricted blood vessel or if water stands still, the energy stops flowing. And where it stops flowing it is much like if blood stops flowing to a certain part, it doesn't get enough energetic support and it develops different forms of dissonance, which reflects in our physical body as disease.

So accessing our traumatizing experiences and the feelings that are stuck underneath our every day conscious awareness, helps us begin the healing process, which also heals the physical body over time.

One part of the healing process is to create space for your body to self-heal. Just like the cells in your body know how to begin repairing themselves immediately if there's been an injury, so does your emotional energy body as well. And when you begin to heal on the level of energy you also heal your physical body.

The trick is to go beyond the level of the mind. Our story is stuck in our mind, keeping the memories of the traumatizing events stuck, either consciously or subconsciously, which in turn keeps the energy blockage and the physical contraction in place. We go beyond the level of the mind in different ways.

One of those ways are meditation. Already in the Upanishads, Hindu writings from about 1700 B.C. they describe meditation as the way to healing and spiritual growth. Even the word Upanishad means literally "To Sit With" or "To Sit".

This is an overview of our path towards healing, but it makes for a good start. I hope you enjoyed the read and I sure would appreciate your comments and thoughts about this.

Much Love, Marcus


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