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On A Rescue Mission - Reclaiming Ourselves

Reconnecting to your deeper inner self is a rescue mission. When you go deep within, when you look at the different layers of trauma from your past, it quickly becomes evident that the little Self, stuck beyond your conscious mind, still operates in the unseen, the subconscious parts of your mind.

Many of us have glimpses of stillness, of inner peace and inner love but we often immediately go back to our so-called-normal state of mind. This is our day-to-day mindset, the stress and burdens that we accept as our daily strife.

And for the ones lucky enough to have found peace in their meditation it usually doesn't last longer than the meditation itself.

Don't get me wrong, meditation still helps and supports our healing and spiritual journey, but we often fail to recognize that when we return to our ordinary daily mindset we go back to the grips of fear, negativity and stress.

What cover up the deep sense of innate peace are layers of fear resulting from traumatic experiences. When we have had a fearful experience our minds make a note to self that we don't want to feel that way again. So we build up a defense against such experiences. We build up walls. We create the false Self. Of course we do, it is completely natural to do so. Pain and fear are two of the biggest motivators for anyone of us.

As a result most of our world is based in the false Self, the false Light. We are not even aware of the fact that we are all cut off from our source, from ourselves and the deep heartbeat of Earth Mother, as well as from the original Source of Light. So cue to false Light sources, which can easily be seen in the way our governments lead us, the way the church teaches fear and how large interests in our world are cooking up new storms for us to fear, over and over. All of this is based in the false Light.

Your True Inner Light shines brightly through your Heart and through the core of yourself.

And as we go beyond the noise of the world, into the inner world of ourselves, we begin to recognize when we get triggered, or when our old trauma responses awaken and wants to play. One of the ways we can heal this is to sit with our childhood experiences, the ones that shaped us, shaped our perception of ourselves and our world. These are often not comfortable to sit with, not "fun" or "happy-go-lucky" meditations, but as we bring light to the wounded inner sense of Self, we bring light to these dark experiences, we allow healing to take place within our system.

So we have to dive deep within ourselves, find the wounded little Self and with Love and Compassion, guide that Self into our Hearts. We do our own beautiful, loving Soul Retrieval.


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