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What is my experience as a new Reiki Master in Los Angeles?

(Pic. Marcus Nobreus at a meditation retreat with the ladies of Soul2Summit in Malibu in 2019.)

My Experience as a Reiki Healer in Los Angeles.

Last summer the synchronicities of this world wanted me to meet an amazing Reiki healer here in Los Angeles. I had recognized the need for deeper healing of my heart and I felt that I wanted to go deeper than I already had gone.

I met Powerful Paula (Instagram name, mine is Meditatingwithmarcus, feel free to follow) on a hiking trail and I took Reiki from her. It was a beautiful experience of healing and it started an inner journey I have longed for for quite a long time.

As I began to heal after the treatment I noticed that my heart, which had been physically in pain on and off for most of my life, as well as a dull emotional pain, was getting better and finally stopped hurting. In my treatment sessions I had amazing experiences of healing and the energy I experienced was palpable.

So I took the healing courses from Lisa Powers, an online teacher who has taught Reiki for many years with thousands of students, as well as the class from Nikolaos Baralos, a wonderful Greek Reiki teacher.

As I began to practice the techniques of Reiki, both the self-healing practices in meditation and with friends and family, mostly distance treatments, I learned more and more about how our Energy Body works and the energy centers known as Chakra wheels. The Reiki practice that I have developed has proven to be effective and powerful. My clients are reporting back to me very strong and intense experiences of healing, of an inner journey that have lead them to a new place of emotional stability and calm.

As I grow in experience and combine the traditional Reiki methods with my personal journey in energy healing I am so very grateful to the spirit of Reiki, of the founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, and so many of the other teachers, both living and the ones in spirit, who guide our steps as we who practice Reiki and other healing modalities help heal our world, one person at a time.

In the spirit of Love and Energy Healing, Marcus Nobreus (meditatingwithmarcus, or BeStill the App)


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