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Love Is The Uniting Force of The Universe

We don't often recognize it but the sense of Love and Belonging is a fundamental force in our existence. In our modern day world most of our energy is spent trying to protect ourselves, making sure there's enough acorns for the winter, gathering, collecting money and things so we can feel safe. This is the story of The Matrix which we live in. Most of our actions and thoughts are centered around protection and safety, which is almost always fear based.

With this in mind it is easy to observe that we have forgotten about the ever-present, never-ending source of Life itself, our life force energy, which we also know as Love.

When we are ready to release the fear, when we are ready to sit in meditation and look at our own behaviors and though processes, we realize that the fear we experience suppress the innate sense of Love we have for ourselves and each other. When we peel back the layers of self-centered fears and go deep within, we find the center of ourselves, we find Love.

This Love energy, which we also can equate with Life Force Energy, is what keeps us going. It is what binds us together in a storm and it is what binds families together when things get real. But often fear and trauma keep us apart, keep us in a sense of separation, division and aloneness. So many songs, so much prose, so many stories are told about this uniting force and yet we miss it.

Humans spend most of our time creating from a place of fear. Zoom out for moment and look at where we as a society spend most of our time and money it is easy to see that most of our resources are spent on defensive measures against fear. We build weapons, we create structures, to keep fear away. Often we disguise that fear in others, we see others as a threat to our existence. But again, zoom out for a moment and look at how much we have done to attack other humans, to control each other and to keep ourselves safe.

And when we ponder upon fear we see that it is an inverted form of Love. Fear is Love at a different frequency. Even self-preservation is really a form of Love, but in the form that it has expressed itself in humanity, it is a destructive force, feeding some very dark forces.

And then look at your inner reaction to a kitten, to a puppy, or if you see children playing, and see how Love floods your heart. This is the Uniting Force of our World. If we can learn to feed this sense of Love, if we can see beyond the delusion of the Ego, we can create a beautiful world, reflecting the Love we feel in our Hearts.


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