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Lightworker - Find Your Inner Freedom

What is keeping you fettered in your world? What is keeping you caught in a feeling of pressure and stress?

The first answer is almost always that the outer world puts pressure on you, bills to pay, mouths to feed, news to keep up with, opinions to be on top of, deadlines, birthdays, parties, etc. The list of outside pressures can be made gigantic.

But is it really pressure from the outside that causes you to feel trapped?

Or is it your agreements and inner programming that is doing it?

Say for a moment that you were able to release all the outer pressure and just be with your breath, would you take that opportunity? Would your mind let you take a break and just relax? Or are you overcome with a sense of responsibility for the world?

What if I told you that you have an option. That you are fully able to let the outer world go and nothing would come crashing down. That if you didn't check emails, phone calls or text messages everything would still fall in place. We have become so accustomed to a highly stressed lifestyle and we have all agreed to it so we think that the world will fall apart if we don't keep up with the media, the news, social media and other oh so important parts of life.

But what if you could take a deep breath, feel thoroughly into your body and release everything. What if I told you that you have been lulled into a sense of importance and a feeling of productivity by agreeing to all of those outside pressures and that you have a choice to let that heavy burden off your shoulders?

It may sound harsh but the choice is truly yours. When you find yourself staring at the sun set over the ocean or the clouds make their way across the mountain tops, or staring up at the stars on a clear night, you suddenly become aware of a sense of stillness, a sense of beauty, deep within yourself. By sitting with the trees in nature, by observing a flower and a hummingbird or the dolphin breaking the surface of the ocean, you learn the lessons of nature, of Earth Mother.

She teaches us patience, compassion, tolerance, understanding and peace. We learn her ways by sitting with Her, by breathing in her out-breath, by the beautiful exchange of energy which is the out-breath from the trees, and our in-breath.

When you move your attention away from the perceived stressors in life and into your body, guiding your consciousness with your breath into different parts of your energy system, you become aware of what is activated inside of you. This way you begin to track into yourself. You track where fear is luring, where anxiety is hiding and where stress resides.

When we are able to move our attention away from outer distractions and into our own Beingness we grow in our understanding of ourselves and the world. We learn about different perceptions and different vantage points. We learn that our parents did the best they could with what they had and we learn that we have done the best we could with what we were provided.

This is the time to grow. This is the time to step deeper into your own healing journey, to meditate and to Breathe.

So I invite you to come Home, to use your Sacred Breath to enter your Inner Sanctuary and to become Aware of Your True Nature.

Your True Nature lives far beyond the perceptions of your everyday life, beyond the level of stress and fear that most of us carry. By tapping into this deep inner nature you get to know Earth Mother and her Eternal Wisdom.

And You Find Your Inner Freedom.

Much Love, Aho

Shaman Marcus


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