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How To Shift Your Life

Where do you turn when the chips are down? Do you have a safe space to find yourself in? Do you have an inner space called Home?

So many of us have experienced different levels of pain and suffering in our lives. Often our pain is based in our own perception of our life. This in turn steams from different forms of childhood trauma or later life trauma. On the surface it may look like everything is the other person's fault but so much of our suffering comes from our inner programming.

So how do you shift?

First you recognize that there are things you can actually do to remove the negativity, to move the funk and come into a better inner space.

- You can get outside, go for a walk and can watch the ocean, the sky, the tree and feel nature and Life happening around you.

- You can meditate. Seek out meditation videos, helpful articles, healing blogs and other tools that will help you see things in a different light. Meditation is without a doubt the foundation for a spiritual life and for a shift in awareness. As you begin your meditation journey you may be struggling with distractions and with errand thoughts. This is perfectly normal and part of teaching our minds to slow down and find a more peaceful way to operate. Your whole nervous system is used to being in a state of high alert so it takes a while for the body and the mind to respond to a new inner state.

- You can approach different healing methods, such as hypnosis therapy, somatic therapy, energy healing, Reiki healing, or Shamanic healing.

All these healing modalities, including meditation, will help you build a new platform for your life. It will guide you and assist you in finding your true self, the original self that was there before any of the traumatic events took place, the self that you know is still there, somewhere deep inside. My mother never gave up her hope to find her deeper self, even in the midst of her despair, in the deepest parts of her suffering, she still never gave up that hope.

When it comes to real healing there are no short cuts. It is very popular with life hacks nowadays, it is very popular with the quick fix, but when it comes to true healing, the only way to truly heal your trauma and move forward in life is to put in the work. In this case, the work is meditation, seeking out healers, healing modalities and find what path speaks to you.

In Peace and Love, Marcus


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