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Finding You

These are confusing and extreme times. We are under a lot of pressure from the outside to conform and to do what’s right for the many. This blog post is meant to be supportive of you in whatever choice you make. I am here to support You.

In these days of extreme propaganda and fear mongering, who do you listen to? Do you listen to the pro-vaccine establishment or to the anti-vaccine groups and individuals? Are these the only sources we can go to for information?

Or can you sit with yourself and listen carefully to what your intuition and gut feeling is telling you? Can you sit in deep meditation and go within and find your own truth?

If your gut feeling and intuition tells you to get the vaccine, please do so, and if you are told not to, then listen to that. You are your own authority as a sovereign being and you are the queen or king of your domain, your own body.

You are an expression of Life’s desire for itself, your body has an innate intelligence deep inside that if you learn to listen to it, you are truly sovereign.

Unfortunately in our modern world most of us are encouraged to be good consumers, to be a bit drone like in our existence. We are taught since early childhood to repeat information back to teachers, parents and the world around us. And the person who can best repeat the information back gets good grades and gets ahead of the crowd. This way we all learn how to be put in tiers, we learn that our self worth is based upon how good grades we had in school, we learn to feel like workers, teachers, engineers, doctors or whatever else we have become, and these labels dictate how we feel about ourselves and how much access to money we have. Now, this system creates the have and the have nots we see wherever we look. And in this system of ownership and materialism spirituality and inner wisdom have completely disappeared into a thing of no real value.

So this message is for you.

It is here for you to find your way into your heart and soul and regain your inner territory.

Find out who you are, find your inner truths, your trauma and your healing path. Free your mind from the outer factors that cause stress, fear and worry, and go within, to the deep ocean of wisdom already present within each cell of your being, with each strand of DNA. You can access your inner wisdom through meditation, drum journeys, plant medicine journeys, dancing, hiking, spending much time in nature and other ways.

But please find Your way, nobody else’s.

In Love and Blessings,



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