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Coming Back Home

What does Home mean to you? Is home the physical place where you grew up? Is it where you live now? Or is it somewhere where you had extraordinary experiences?

Or is it, like in my case, finding your way back home to yourself?

Through so much in the modern world you are taught to listen to others. To what they want, to what they think is best for you, to the experts and to the professionals. You are almost never taught and encouraged wander within and listen to ourselves.

And for many of us it is easy to see that somewhere along the way of growing up and becoming we have lost our way. We have lost our inner connection to our deeper voice within and in the process lost ourselves as well.

When we are little we learn to listen to our parents, which of course is not all bad, but often to the price of listening within, and then when we are in school, we completely sell our self worth to that of grades and teacher's liking. And of course, we also sell our own truth so we can be liked by our school mates. And as we grow up, we may go to college, and even here, we are taught to regurgitate other people's knowledge as the only truth there is, and if we can repeat it back to the teacher, we get good grades, which in turn means that we must be good people, right?

If the above was true we would see many more happy people in our world.

The fact is that just because we learn how to repeat information back to a teacher doesn't make us happy individuals. Nor does it teach us how to be in touch with ourselves or our true wants and desires.

So the spiritual quest is that of listening. It is that of listening to your inner self, to that voice in your stomach or in your heart that tells you what you want to do with your life. You only live this one life in this form. So the job you are faced with is to live this life to the fullest. You are the result of thousands of years of evolution, thousands of people getting together, creating new life through the act of Love making, and through the journey of time, you have become.

With all the experiences in this life and in your previous lifetimes, you are here to grow into the liking of your highest potential. This doesn't mean to force or push yourself in some maniacal, toxic masculine energetic way, this means to listen to your highest self.

And this we do in meditation.

We sit and listen inward and we grow. We learn about Silence. We learn about ourselves. We learn about the nature of Life itself. We Learn and We Listen.

It is a beautiful Journey and I sure am grateful that You are here.

In Love And Gratitude, Marcus


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