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Happy Talks #90 - "Being Real..."

Happy Talks #90 - "Being Real..."

Discussing what being real to yourself is and how to stay true to you and in communication.

So many of us live our lives without ever truly being real. We are taught to not express our true emotions and our wants or dislikes.

But who are we deep down inside? Who are we when the chips are down, when nobody sees us? Or when we are angry with our loved ones, or with our family members? I know that I have that issue, that is the real test. I fail quite often.

In healthy relationships we are able to express ourselves, our wants and who we truly are without being afraid of judgment or negativity.

I believe that if we can grow and evolve as individuals we can create healthy relationships, be it at work, at home or among friends.

It won't happen by itself, it happens as we brave our programming, look inside and express our true feelings. We also need to practice listening.

The kind of listening that is just presence.

Eckhart Tolle poses the question: Can I Be The Space For This?

So in listening, can I learn to not be reactive, to not be planning my response but to actually take in what the other person is saying? Just to sit there? Can I do that? Can You do that?

Have a great week! Love!

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