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Happy Talks #89 - "Chiaroscuro, Light vs Dark, Part II..."

Happy Talks #89 - "Chiaroscuro, Light vs Dark, Part II..." Looking inwards, growing, learning, becoming more... You <3

In meditation we learn to go past our thinking, we learn to connect with the deeper, inner realm of silence which we also can describe as our absolute center. This center is in absolute balance, in peace, in stillness.

As we calm our thoughts, learn to separate ourselves from the inner turmoil and drama we have going on, stemming from early programming, emotional intensity and insecurities, we also connect deeply inside.

On this level we become more intuitive, we learn to listen to our insides and to express ourselves, as well as facing our dark sides together with our light sides.

This helps us to grow, we get to face our demons, our darks shadow sides and by seeing them, we allow them to slowly dissipate, to melt from the exposure to light.

As we feel stronger and safer in ourselves, we gain the strength and courage needed to face the dark.

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