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What is the Inner Realm of Stillness?

The Inner Realm of Stillness? Mindfulness? Serenity?

Modern words, we throw them around like a shield, like something we need. Why?

And modern words? Not really, The Inner Realm of Stillness have been mentioned for as long as three to five thousand years ago, in the first writings from the early forms of Yoga and the origins of Hinduism. (Hinduism happens to be the root of our modern religions).

But the idea of Inner Realm of Stillness have never been as sorely needed or missed as today.

We live in a modern world rat race, we all seek security, be it financial, emotional, physical or spiritual. This seeking creates an inner stress level that we have not previously experienced as a species. The previous generations experienced many true threats, threats that actually could kill them, such as war, famine, plagues and other diseases. Our modern times have found a way to live where we are safer than we ever have been before.

But our minds are still interested in flight or fight responses, still wanting to create problems so we can feel in control.

So this is part of our modern stress. (I will get into the other causes and functions of Ego and stress and a perceived sense of security in another post).

And it centers in our minds.

We have all experienced the flow of thoughts that we can't stop, the feeling of having a problem without a solution which gives us a sense of drowning.

So if the problem centers in our minds, as in "over-thinking", the problem can also be found in our minds.

Well... sort of.

It's a little bit like thinking your way out of a drinking problem or drug problem. First the drinking has to stop, then we can recover.

First the thinking has to stop, then we can recover.

The Great News is that we actually can stop thinking. There is an off-button.

It exists as a Realm of Stillness and Silence inside of Each One of Us.

Every single one of Us have access to that state of silence.

But since our brain and mind are so used to high-activity, fast paced thinking almost 24/7, it takes a bit of practice and getting used to before we are actually ready to step into the Realm of Silence.

Our mind is a lot like a muscle that has been under a lot of pressure for a long time. That muscle will have a difficult time finding a way to relax, almost like there has been a long lasting muscle cramp.

Imagine your mind being like that muscle, imagine the feeling of peace and release that comes when the muscle relaxes.

That is how your mind feel when you find the inner peace, the end of thought.

When You find a Way to Stop Your Thoughts.

This is a Spiritual Awakening.

- - - - -

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