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Monday Meditation #23, 2018 - "Finding The Inner Realm of Stillness..."

Today's meditation deals with "Finding The Inner Realm of Stillness...".

This is where we are truly connected and truly at One with the totality, with the Universe. This is the inner dimension we are all searching for, be it through drugs, alcohol, sexual adventures, food, adrenaline or other modes of escapism. Most of us are looking for something, most of us are restless, uncertain, insecure or to different degrees lost. As we are able to dive deeper into ourselves and reach beyond the level of thought we are also able to find peace and stillness. It is in this stillness we can rest, we can find solace for an over-worked brain.

In today's modern world many of us are overwhelmed, with bills, banking, stress, work-load, expectations, relationships, etc.

The need to connect to a deeper place and to feel at One has never been bigger than at this point. I believe we are at a tipping point. There are many who have chosen to see darkness in our world, and there are many of us who are choosing to see the light. I am here to encourage us all to keep looking for the light. Keep staying on the path to inner, deeper consciousness and awakening. The more of us who awaken, the stronger the vibration that keeps us up and negativity at bay.

So, as always, find peace, meditate, shine, love yourself, love each other.

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