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Happy Talks #88 - Chiaroscuro, Light And Dark...

Here we are, #88, and today the topic is Chiaroscuro, Light and Dark. The sentiment being that we all contain both within us. We all have light and dark within, we are both. And as long as we refuse to acknowledge or see the dark, or the light, we give the dark more power over us and our actions. The moment we start to realize that we are just like everyone else, that we have good and bad inside, is the moment we can start to open the heavy lid to our inner realm and admit to ourselves that it is ok, that our darkness may or may not have logical reasons, but that we can't let the light in before we open the door. Darkness is dispelled by letting the light in. We need to see ourselves clearly, good and bad, in order to be able to grow. We are all just walking each other home :)

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