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Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Sessions:

How can this help you?

You will find freedom from your spiritual or physical ailments. I walk you into your own inner space and release and remove blockages that are set in place by physical or emotional trauma. The work is energetic in nature so often your body will take some time to adjust to the new freedom from old, stuck energy. 

We meet and hold ceremony. I offer ceremonial cacao, rapeh, or we use other sacred medicines to guide your way into you and the healing that follows.

As the drum guides our way we go within, and we find what needs to be released. Then I use different methods to release or remove stuck and blocked energy so your body can access its own natural energy and healing can occur. I also perform a soul retrieval and an integration.

Each shamanic healing session comes out slightly different, but there are a some similarities.

We sit in meditation, we invite the spirits of the Four Directions, and we invite Earth Mother to join and hold sacred space for us.

I am learning from the very powerful shaman 

Ombute Devi, her website is:


A brief history of Shamanism

Shamanism is as old as mankind self. We have walked this earth for at least 200 000 years and we have had healers, herbalists and shamans among us the whole time.

Shamanism is often referred to as bringing the unseen into the seen, or working with Spirit. We are connected to our spirit guides and they guide the healing session, as well as reveal to us what needs to be healed and cleared.

There are several different techniques used by shamans.

- Soul retrieval, in which the shaman does a journey and retrieves pieces of the soul left behind.

- Drum journey where the shaman guides the client into a trance-like state and can reconnect the client with their power animal or other spirits.

- Energy Clearing: One of the most powerful methods is the energy clearing in which the shaman sucks out the energy blockages from the client's body, releasing and reconnecting the client with their original core energy.

Much of the shamanic work is about reconnecting the client with their original nature as well as with the energy of Mother Earth.

We sometimes use different sacred medicines to facilitate the journey. These sacraments help open up the client's energy and gives more access for the shaman to help and guide the client, as well as the healing properties of the medicine itself.


Art by Skyler Kenny from"The Four Elements, We Are Earth Mother" 

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