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Reiki Sessions

What Reiki Does For You

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, nervousness or other chronic states of inner turmoil reiki is for you. Or if you have imbalances in your body, in your organs, reiki can help you. 

All of us have trauma in our bodies. Reiki is a powerful energy healing method that removes and releases your physical or emotional trauma that can be stuck in your body.


The body keeps score. 

Your body keeps score of everything you have gone through and when those experiences are intense enough they leave energetic imprints in our body, both physically and energetically. 

Reiki removes those blockages. 

My Services:

1. In-Person Reiki Session: 

We meet and I work on your energy body. It's an extremely powerful method which releases many tensions and blocked or stuck feelings in your body and in your energy. 

2. Distance Reiki Session:

On a given time we have a phone conversation and as you lay down listening to some music I perform the session from my location while you are in your location. 


3. Couple's Reiki Session:

We meet and I work on both the couple's energy and the individual blockages in each person.

Book a distance session or an in-person session with me. I come to you or you come to me.

In my reiki sessions I work to release blockages in your energy body so that your physical body can heal.


When we experience trauma or emotional upheaval we often develop blockages in our emotional energetic body. The experience we had may have been so painful that we don't know what to do with it, so we hide it deep inside of us. This creates a blockage.

Reiki helps remove the blockage, thereby allowing your body energy to flow freely.


Many times the emotional or physical injuries happened so long ago that they are buried deep inside of us, causing triggers and emotional wounds, as well as repeated cycles in our lives. Addictions are also a sign of unhealed emotional trauma.

A Brief History of Reiki

in the late 1800's and early 1900's lived a man named Dr. Mikao Usui. Through his life experience he found the healing powers in the universal life force which he called Reiki. 

As he meditated on the life force energy he began to heal people and found that it worked really well. He developed a method he called Reiki and started training others so they too could heal people. This led to the knowledge of traditional Usui Reiki being passed down to our day. 

I have been trained in traditional Usui Reiki by the wonderful teacher Lisa Powers. 

Reiki has proved to be a life changing method which is very efficient in clearing energy blockages and restoring general overall health to clients. 


I offer three different modalities of reiki.

1. In-Person Reiki Session

2. Distance Reiki Session

3. Couple's Reiki Session

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