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Become a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a beautiful, easily accessible and invaluable healing modality. Becoming a reiki practitioner can and will change your life and allow you to lead a more centered and life affirming existence. 

Reiki is an energy healing method, channeling life force energy through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the client. 

If you want to learn this method you can sign up with me for classes. 

There are three levels, Reiki level 1, level 2 and the Master Level

I will teach you all three or whichever you want to learn. 

I charge 300 per level including attunements and diplomas.  

The classes can be performed in person or on Zoom. 

Reiki Classes

There are three different levels in reiki. In each level you get attuned to the new level of Reiki Life Force Energy which raises your energetic vibration to a higher frequency. 

To learn Reiki is to step into a whole new level of reality, to grow into our spiritual self and to help friends and clients to heal in very unusual and beautiful ways. Reiki is not magical, even though it seems like it from our modern Western point of view. Reiki works with our energy fields, both in our body and surrounding our body. Reiki also works with the larger energy field of the world, which we get attuned to and learn how to help lift and strengthen in ways as to support Life itself. 

Level I

Reiki Level I is the introduction to reiki and its history, swell as fundamental anatomy of the human body, the energy meridians and the function of the light body. 

You will learn self healing Reiki, how to treat others, hand positions, the five principles of Reiki and much more. 

When you do a weekly class we meet virtually or in real life, once a week for 1.5 to 2 hours per class. There are four classes in Reiki Level I. 

If you are interested in intensive classes we either meet online or in real life two times. Each class is about 4 to 5 hours. 

Reiki Level II

Level II attunes the student to three of the sacred symbols of Reiki. You learn how to use them and what they do. You are also prepared to treat people professionally and how to set up a practice. You are shown how to physically set up your ideal reiki treatment room and how to approach the business side of things. 

Another technique you learn is Distance Reiki. By using one of the symbols and performing a Distance Reiki session it is possible to treat people all over our world from your home. 

Reiki for animals, for items and for events are also discussed as well as time line healing. 

Reiki Level II is four classes a 1.5 to 2 hours each. We either meet in real life or over Zoom. 

Reiki Master Level

The Master Level is the final level of the traditional Usui Reiki system. 

You learn how to attune others and you also get attuned to the master symbol.

Once you have mastered this level you have learned all the necessary tools for both having a very successful reiki practice and how to attune and teach others the system of Reiki. 

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