Marcus' Work

Find your particular healing method here. I offer Shamanic work, Reiki treatments and Reiki Training, as well as meditation support and spiritual support. 

Shamanic Sit - 6 hours

I sit in deep meditation with you in order to guide, heal and help you anchor in a solid spiritual practice and to assist you in tracking into yourself. 

This is deep healing work with the intention of being an ongoing treatment plan over the course of 3-6 months.

Contact me for more information.

Shamanic Sessions - 2 hours


The most popular choice so far. 

In our shamanic sessions we meet for about two hours and perform a cacao ceremony and Hape session. I also use the drum and flute to invoke the energies and spirits around you to come back into your body and to help release different sort of blockages. This is very powerful medicine and it can be performed in person or via zoom. 

Meditation and Spiritual Support

I offer several different services to aid and guide you back on track. This is way to support you on your journey. 

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