Marcus' Work

Find your particular healing methodology here. I offer Shamanic work, Reiki treatments and Reiki Training, as well as meditation support and spiritual support. 


Shamanic Sessions

In our shamanic sessions we meet for about two hours and perform a cacao ceremony and Hape session. I also use the drum and flute to invoke the energies and spirits around you to come back into your body and to help release different sort of blockages. 

Reiki Treatments

I offer reiki treatments. This is energy work on a high level during you get to go into a trans-like state while I am working on your energy body and energy field. The session lasts about one hour.


Reiki Training

I train you to become a reiki practitioner, whether it be level 1, level 2 or Master level. 

Meditation and Spiritual Support

I offer several different services to aid and guide you back on track. This is way to support you on your journey. 

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