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Are you looking for a deeper connection to Life?

Do you find yourself in similar patterns over and over?

It is time to come and sit with me,

Shaman Marcus in a Shamanic Healing Session. 

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Energy Work

Sign up here at Healing With Marcus for a Shamanic Session to completely transform your life, unlock your highest potential and release blockages that keep you in suffering.

The methods of the Shamans are thousands of years old, as old as mankind itself. My goal is to guide and assist you to get closer to your Heart. 

My methods, as taught to me by my Shaman teacher, help you remove energetic blockages and trauma bound triggers from your system. I utilize several different techniques, including soul retrieval and other ceremonies, and I serve Hape and Cacao.

Come see me if any of these fit you

- Are you going through The Dark Night of the Soul?
- Is your relationship on the rocks and you want to find ways to heal it? 
- Do you have different symptoms of stress, disease or illness?



Marcus is truly a blessing to work with. The way his intuition guides him with healing has been profound for me! He is wise, compassionate and truly wants to help people heal and step into their power. I am so grateful for the light he is shinning on the world and all those fortunate enough to come across his path!


Marcus is an exceptional individual who has a heart of gold. He is warm and caring, and his generosity with both his time and energy is truly remarkable. He is a true light worker, dedicating himself to making the world a better place and healing not only individuals but also the planet as a whole. His down-to-earth personality makes him approachable and easy to connect with, which has helped him create a community of like-minded people who share his passion for spirituality, healing, and high frequency.

Marcus' healing circle is a truly unique and special place. It's more than just a place for physical healing, it's also a place where people can come together to grow spiritually and form meaningful connections. If you're looking for a supportive and nurturing community, or if you're in search of a spiritual guide who can help you on your journey, Marcus is the person you need to meet.

He is a true gem and his healing circle is a must-visit for anyone looking for spiritual growth, friendship, and high-frequency healing.


It’s been wonderful to work with Marcus and experience the healing frequencies coming through his channeling and watch as it impacts my life experience, moving me into a higher love for myself and others, learning valuable lessons such as coming back home to my own sovereignty through his shamanic teachings. Marcus’s energy works on humans, animals and the quantum field to initiate healing❤️‍ . I’m grateful and highly recommend him if your looking for some extra momentum to kick start your journey to becoming your highest version of your-self. The community Marcus is building who attend the Sunday beach and Tuesday Hollywood talk/ meditations include conscious, contributing humans, who are committed to creating an empowered world in present time and for the next generation! This is very exciting and something worth checking out. ✨🙏🏽 Much Gratitude, EJR

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Marcus is a reiki master, shaman, and an incredibly intuitive energy healer. I’ve been to top-tier healers of various modalities for many years, but my shamanic sessions with Marcus rival all of them. After the first session, I felt hope and joy to a greater degree than I had in a long time. I’ve had life-changing shifts, experiences, realizations, and messages that I draw on daily for both strength and purpose. My drive is nearly 3 hours, but the value received in each session makes it worth the commitment and commute to go regularly. Highly recommended to all looking for healing in a safe, sacred space!


Marcus is a powerful healer and shaman. Working with him and helped expand my perspective and remove some old blocks. If you want support on your healing and spiritual journey, I highly recommend his services.


Marcus is a powerful healer and teacher. I have seen him for several shamanic sessions and have gained insight I'll take with me for the rest of my life. He is honest, caring, and extremely wise. He truly cares about his clients and their journey to healing and self-empowerment. I am glad I crossed paths with Marcus and look forward to working with him more.

What to expect from a session
with Shaman Marcus?

- We sit with ceremonial Cacao and Hape as we go deep within to release stress and worry.


- We explore your inner space and what is running the programs of your life.


- We identify trauma and release them out of your system through drumming, sounds and energy healing. 

When you leave you will feel a sense of release and a new hope. If you are looking for deep energy work and healing you have come to the right place. 


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