Aches and Pain?

Low Energy?

Emotional Trauma?

Can't get past a relationship? 

Feeling down?

Try Reiki and Energy Work, a mix of ancient healing techniques.

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Healing With Marcus

You find Reiki Healing and Energy Work, Happy Talks, Guided Meditations,

and you can make reservations for coaching and personal meditations.

I teach Reiki if you are curious about it or you can book public talks here.


May You Find What You Seek.

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A Journey Into You


My Service

Reiki and 

Energy Work

Book a treatment with Marcus Nobreus,

Certified Reiki Master and Energy Worker

Reiki is the Life Force Energy of the Universe and a Reiki treatment is the 

practice of guiding this energy onto You and allowing it to perform the healing session. Marcus has through his personal experience developed a treatment which utilizes traditional Reiki in combination with Energy Work and the Healing Arts of the Sacred Walks of the South American Shamanic practices. 

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"




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