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I offer several different forms of Shamanic rituals and

Shamanic Energy Healing,

Reiki and Reiki training.

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Energy Work

Book a Shamanic Session  to deeply align with your purpose and spirit.

The methods of the Shamans are thousands of years old, as old as mankind itself. My goal is to guide and assist you to get closer to your Heart. 

My methods, as I was taught by my Shaman teacher, help you to remove energetic blockages and trauma bound triggers from your system. I utilize several different techniques, including soul retrieval and other ceremonies, as well as using Hape and other sacraments.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is the Life Force Energy of the Universe and a Reiki treatment is the practice of guiding this energy into You and allow it to perform the healing session. I have developed a treatment which utilizes traditional Reiki in combination with Chakra Clearing Practices.


Reiki Training

Get your level 1, 2 and 
Master Level

Receive your certification in the traditional energy healing art of Usui Reiki, in the lineage of Lisa Powers. This training is available either in person or virtually. 

You will get in-depth teaching in the original form of Reiki as well as the experience of Marcus. 


Support the healing work I do by donating. I help to raise the vibration of our world and can always use the energetic support and exchange of financial flow. Show your appreciation and send me a donation of your choosing. 

The money goes to supporting the work I do and to support me in doing this work. 

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