Ushering in a New Dream

for Earth Mother and 

for Each One of Us.

Helping You Dream a

New Dream for Your life.

Welcome to

Healing With Marcus

You find Shamanic Energy Work and Reiki Healing, Happy Talks, Guided Meditations,

and you can make reservations for coaching and personal meditations.

I teach Reiki and you can book public talks here.


May You Find What You Seek.


A Journey Into You


My Service

Shamanic Energy Work

Book a Shamanic Session  to deeply align with your purpose and spirit.

The energy work of the Shamans are many thousand years old, as old as mankind self. My goal is to guide and assist you to get closer to your Heart and live in harmony with yourself and to allow life to flow. This is done through both using Sacred Medicine and through work on your energy body and removal of different blockages that you have. 

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"






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