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Your Spiritual Journey - Where to Start?

Where do we start a spiritual journey? Maybe you are ready to go within? Maybe you have had enough of suffering and pain? Maybe your relationships look the same with different people, maybe you are tired of the same stress and pressure from the outside world? Or do people seem to not hear you, see you or understand you? Or are you in the midst of heartbreak, a painful breakup or some sort of personal ruin? Having a difficult time communicating with others?

Well, this is a beautiful point to start our spiritual journey. Often we have to be pushed to the brink of what we think we can take in order to begin to look within. Almost always are we moved towards an awakening by outer circumstances forcing us towards an inner journey. And if this is where you are now, then this is a great place to start.

First we look at what is actually going on. Is there repetitive thoughts and programming going on within you? And when you honestly search in your own life, you may be able to see that there are certain threads, similar behaviors and experiences that you seem to recycle. This is not about pointing blame or fingers at you or at anyone else, just to observe from as neutral as a point as possible to recognize what is actually happening within.

If we have an inner fear of abandonment this will often disguise as a need to control others in order to make them stay, which in turn is to protect ourselves from experiencing abandonment. This expresses itself as jealousy, envy, anger, negativity and other forms of control. It invariably leads to more suffering. And as we discover this inner fear, we often try to protect ourselves from feeling it again. It is always based in early childhood experiences that left marks inside of us.

So where do we start our journey?

I would strongly encourage you to sit. This may sound counterintuitive but I assure you it is not. We start by looking within.

This is not always easy, especially not when the pain we feel is so current in our life. But this is still the starting point. We meditate, we go within and we begin to search for answers. To our surprise, many answers come as we journey inwards. Many insights begin to show up for us, either as inner epiphanies or outer synchronicities that seem to good to be true. But we begin by meditating. We look up videos on YouTube for support, we look up different spiritual teachers to find answers.

One of the most useful books I have found is "Your Erroneous Zones" by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He will walk you into yourself, he will help you see your situation in a new light and offer different solutions that may truly support you. Once you have gone through this book, you may go deeper, look at "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. This spiritually enlightening book guides you deep into the inner agreements you have entered unknowingly as a child. It is a revelatory experience. After that, continue your search, and more books will come your way.

My book, "The Four Elements, We Are Earth Mother" is another beautiful look at how we are all connected and how we truly are made up of the elements of our planet and how we can implement these insights in our meditation and continue the healing journey.

And then, maybe it is time for you to find a guide into the world of the Unseen. Search for a spiritual healer in your area, or connect with me. As a guide into your own inner world, we who sit in a deep inner space are here to support you on your path, help you go deeper and have a new experience in life.

So many of us are caught in the world of our own ego, our own experiences, without realizing that it is karma playing out in our lives. We have received a certain programming as children and we spend our whole lives figuring out how to gain freedom from this programming, which energetically speaking, is our karma.

So there is help, there is a solution, but you have to look, both within and without.

As you venture on this amazing journey your whole life will change. Your outlook, your experiences and how you interpret them will absolutely reach a completely new vantage point and you will live in freedom from your past.

This is not an overnight journey, this is not a quick fix, but it is a way to build a solid foundation for yourself. And as you heal so does your surroundings. I promise you, your children will thank you, your friends and family will be so grateful that you embark on this inner experience.

There is so much Love, so much Life to Live, come with me,

in Peace and Love, Aho,



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