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Who I Am and What I Do

As a modern day Shaman I am in training with Ombute Devi, ( and I am practicing out of Los Angeles.

The path of the Shaman often begins early in life but it may take time for us to answer the call of Spirit. In my case I have had the call since I was a child but I didn't find my path until more recent years. I have had the gift of healing with my hands and in different ways for many years but it wasn't until I trained in Reiki and subsequently in Shamanic traditions and methods that this path opened up. 

We learn to see into the unseen, to find energetic blockages in your physical body and we learn how to remove those blockages so your energy can flow freely. We also learn soul retrieval, power animal journeys and using different sacred medicines for spiritual journeying. There is no end to what the call has in store for a shaman and we walk this path with all of human kind in order to bring the energy of Earth Mother, Pachamama, into modern day awareness so we one day can return to Her and help to support and heal the damage we have caused by our unconscious behaviors.  

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