Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

I am a Spiritual Seeker who turned into a Spiritual Finder. I am someone who sought through dark and light to find an answer. When that answer finally appeared it was in the form of the Great Stillness. About ten years ago I was given the gift of Inner Silence. Now I spend my time to pass that on, to help others find their inner stillness. I have had many teachers. The Greatest of them all is Silence itself. The Mighty I Am. And the most recent development for me is my education into the beautiful world of Reiki. This ancient healing technique works in marvelous ways and I am so grateful and excited that I get to facilitate these treatments. I have the honor of calling myself a Reiki Master, which means that I studied and  passed the tests and exams required. It has been a fantastic experience of deepening and exploring new levels of the spiritual realm and of emotional, spiritual and physical healing.  
   Ram Dass says: "We are All just walking each other Home", Eckhart Tolle guides thousands to Silence, Sri Ramana Mahirshi said: "Drop Your Mind into Your Heart" and Sri Paramanahansa Yogananda taught Yoga to the West, as well as Inner Peace. Native American belief mentioned the Great Wakan Tanka, the Universal Divine which exists in everything. We have so many to thank for so much. Khalil Gibran and his beautiful "The Prophet", Sebastian Bach for "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements". Even the Celestine Prophecies have a great place in this collection of teachings. Neal Donald Walsh, Gangaji, Papaji, Marianne Williamson, Tich Nhat Hanh, and so many more. 



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